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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Virus in Windows build !!

From: Øystein O Johansen
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Virus in Windows build !!
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 09:16:03 +0200

> My virus checker (McAfee) warns about a virus (Coke.22231) in
> the gnubg snapshot available for download from Oysteins page.

Very strange!?!

I simply have a script which uploads the executable snapshots
to my site. I really can't understand how that virus comes into
the executable.

Can it be:
a) a part of any of the libraries? GTK, xml2 or gdbm?
b) a added from virus from the compiler? gcc-3.1
c) a virus on my computer which infects the .exe before it
   gets uploaded?
d) A false alarm from McAfee?
e) A virus at Nis' computer which infects the file after
   he has downloaded.

Let's rule out a) and b), I really trust this software.
I think c) is very strange, the only thing done after the
compiler creates the .exe, is that it's copied to the
file name with the date stamp. Then it's uploaded. (Check
my update script included in this message.)

d) is still possible. I'm not using McAfee, so I can't say
how reliable it is. Similar, e) if the virus is at Nis'
computer, McAfee should report this on the first occurrence
of the virus, which should not be from gnubg.exe.

Any other ideas?

This is the .bat file I'm using to update the builds and
web page.

----8<---- update.bat ----8<----

@echo off
if "%1" == "" goto usage

rem Get the source!
wget ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/gnubg/snapshots/gnubg-%1.tar.gz

rem Extract the source
gunzip gnubg-%1.tar.gz
tar xvf gnubg-%1.tar

rem A small adjustment...
cd gnubg
sed -e "s/__DATE__/\"%1\"/g" gtkgame.c > gtkgametemp.c
del gtkgame.c
copy gtkgametemp.c gtkgame.c
cd ..

rem Build the fucking thing!

copy gnubg\gnubg.exe gnubg-%1.exe
copy gnubg\gnubg-no-gui.exe gnubg-no-gui-%1.exe

sed -e "s/dato/%1/g" putprogram.txt > pp.txt
sed -e "s/dato/%1/g" index-template.html > index.html

ftp.exe -n -s:pp.txt home.online.no

del gnubg-%1.exe
del gnubg-no-gui-%1.exe
del gnubg-%1.tar
del index.html
del pp.txt

goto end

echo Usage: update 'date stamp'


----8<---- update.bat ----8<----

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