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RE: [Bug-gnubg] Exporting positions

From: Ian Shaw
Subject: RE: [Bug-gnubg] Exporting positions
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 10:59:02 -0000

> From: Theo Hermsen [mailto:address@hidden
> Sent: 15 November 2002 09:58

> I'm still waiting with impatience that you implement a funktion to save a 
> position and make comments on it.

The export position to html, GOL and text all work fine with the latest 
versions. I can't test the eps version.

In the GOL export the Annotation header isn't quite sized correctly. It 
overhangs the comment slightly. The standard html export lines up perfectly. I 
would rather not have the Annotation header nor the green box around the text 
for GOL export.

The final line reads
<!-- Output generated by GNU Backgammon 0.12 
(http://www.gnu.org/software/gnubg/) (HTML Export version 1.82)

I don't think the <!-- should be there. I've also received a comment that the 
text I added after a board diagram didn't show up. I wonder if this is related 
to the formatting of the final line.

Finally, when I type in annotations, I'm getting a little black box at the end 
of every line. I assume this is a discrepancy in the way Windows & Unix handle 
CR/LF characters.
I've noticed the same thing for Match Information comments.


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