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Re: [Bug-gnubg] more on movefilters

From: Joseph Heled
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] more on movefilters
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 06:45:17 +1300
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FindnSaveBestMove(Personally, I think The move filetrs belong only in FindBestMovePlied.

FindnSaveBestMove (which is used for analysis) should use another strategy. I filter down to 2*N moves using 0 ply, then choose the best N with the requested ply. Otherwise I can't see the benefit of the analysis done in 2ply if most of the moves get thrown out by 0ply and have no change of getting evaluated.


Jim Segrave wrote:
On Thu 12 Dec 2002 (10:27 +0000), Joern Thyssen wrote:

Hi all,

I like the new movefilters, however, I think we should have one set of
movefilters for hint and another set for analysis (and possibly a third
set for gnubg's play).

For example, I might play against gnubg with a rather small search
space, but analyse the match with a larger search space. It's a bit
annoying having to change back and forth.

We may even generalise this to having a set of movefilters for each

"set .... chequerplay" command.

I'll implement a GTK widget for setting up movefilters. At first, there
will just be a number of predefined settings, but eventually the user
may select her own.

Any comments on this -- or someone else volunteering to implement this :-)

I think there should be a set of perhaps 4 sets of move-filters, say:

Narrow - considers only a very small set of candiates
Normal - for a reasonable range
Large  - consider lots of candidates
User   - defaults to Normal values, but users can put their own
         choices in

Then the Eval widget should use the current button under Select a
  predefined setting would set the plies and the filter set to be
The search space setting of the eval could be replaced by a button for
selecting which filter set and the number of plies.

We'd probably want a separate widget for setting up filters, with a
simple way of copying one of the presets to start it up.

I'd love to see it happen, I've had no time recently and was glad to
see you were putting the filter code into FindnSaveBestMove().

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