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Re: [Bug-gnubg] problem with player records

From: Ned Cross
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] problem with player records
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 09:37:23 -0800

I've got the same problem.  What I find is that GNUbg actually erases the
record, gives me the error message, and leaves a .gnubgpr012345 file in my
gnubg directory.  Then the next time I open GNUbg, that player's record has

My larger concern with the player records (also previously reported, so I
imagine it's on the to-do list) is the player statistics are not consistent
with the actual analysed match statistics.  When I analyse a single match,
then add to player records, the player record for that opponent gives
different numbers for checker play and cube play than the "match statistics"
for that opponent.

Example: A recent opponent had match statistics for a 7 pt match of:
checker play: -0.009 pr move (World class)  cube decisions: -0.005 pr move
(supernatural)  Overall: -0.009 pr decision (World Class).  When statistics
for the match (5 games) were added to player records (the ONLY match for
this opponent), the player records for this opponent listed: Games: 5
Checker: -0.0069 (World Class)  Cube: -0.0063 (World Class)  Overall -0.0062
(World Class)


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From: "Peter Sochovsky" <address@hidden>
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Sent: Saturday, February 15, 2003 4:08 AM
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] problem with player records

> I ve just downloaded the latest installation archive (Feb. 15th) and still
> have the following problem:
> When trying to erase one or all player(s) in the player records, gnubg
> a window saying:
> ./.gnubgpr: Permissin denied
> I know that this problem has already been reported but is obviously still
> not soved!!
> Peter
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