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[Bug-gnubg] Export Session (html, pdf)

From: Christopher D. Yep
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Export Session (html, pdf)
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2003 01:23:26 -0400

Windows XP, GUI version
Version 0.14-devel 1.1245 030805 (build Aug 6 2003)

Two quick notes regarding exporting sessions (probably also exporting games, etc.):

1. When exporting a session to html, the "Equivalent Snowie error rate" line is not exported. (It should be in the Overall statistics, immediately after the "Error rate (per decision)" line and immediately before the "Overall rating" line.

2. When exporting a session to pdf, only the played move and all higher ranked moves are displayed (assuming that the move falls within the "set analysis limit" settings) . I.e. if the played move is ranked Nth best, the pdf file will only display the top N moves (even if N = 1), even if "set analysis limit" is set > N.

Also none of the session statistics are shown in the pdf file. Actually I assume that all of this just means that the pdf export functions are in their infancy and that pdf export is a work in progress (so that my comments in #2 are probably already known and on the TODO list).


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