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Re: [Bug-gnubg] 3d board

From: Mueller, Achim
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] 3d board
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 15:58:16 +0200

Am Mit, 2003-08-13 um 13.58 schrieb Jonathan Kinsey:
> I've just merged my 3d board branch into the main cvs branch.  Hopefully 
> I've not lost any changes along the way.

Question: I will start building new rpm packages for redhat, suse and
debian. Shall I make different builds or is the configure script able to
check, whether 3d is possible or not? Does anyone know the dependencies?
At least one should install gtkglarea or gtkglext and ftfl (no rpm
possible, maybe I will build also an ftgl.rpm)

> The main area left todo is the designs for the 3d board.
> There should be a corresponding 3d design for each 2d design.
> I've attached some notes to help anyone who would like to try.
> Note that currently there are just a few test designs setup.

This morning I made a quick test (it works now), but I figured out, that
changing the board design will not change the preview in the options

> I'm not sure if there's a FAQ somewhere, but there are probably some
> common questions which people are likely to ask, I'll answer some here:
> Q. Will the 3d board work on my machine or with my OS?
> A. Yes. :-)
> The issue is more about performance rather than functionality.
> Q. What are the minimum requirments for the 3d board to work acceptably?
> A. A 3d graphics card with a hardware accelerated opengl driver.
> A good indicator is whether you can display 3d graphics with other 
> applications - most commonly games.
> Windows is ahead of linux in this area as all 3d graphics cards have
> drivers,
> only recently are more 3d drivers becoming available for linux.
> Q. The 3d board doesn't look right, what is wrong?
> A. Update your graphics driver.

I will put these and a few more questions (concerning 3d) into the faq.
I have some experiences with nvidia and ati.


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