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RE: [Bug-gnubg] Crashes of a notebook while analysing mat-files

From: Albert Silver
Subject: RE: [Bug-gnubg] Crashes of a notebook while analysing mat-files
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 11:01:37 -0300

Regarding the crashing. It could really be anything, but I strongly some kind of hardware problem. There are numerous possibilities such as defective memory (very common source for unpredictable crashes) or the CPU, but another possibility is the temperature of your system. Chess engines are extremely CPU intensive (and memory) when analyzing, as is GNUBG, and this causes the chip to heat up to its maximum temperature. It may be that your cooling system (the fan) is not doing its job properly and is overheating, which is causing the crashes. In any case, that’s where I’d look.




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Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Crashes of a notebook while analysing mat-files



Unfortunately I have a very specific problem with my notebook
(AMD Athlon XP 1800+) when analysing mat-files: it very often
These crashes occur only on my notebook (NOT on 4 desktops
where I have installed GNUBG).

And furthermore they occur only during match-analysis (NEVER
while playing with the program).

I have to say that I noticed these crashes also when ANALYSING
chess games with my notebook using the world champion program
Shredder 7 (which runs absolutely stable on my desktops, and never
failed while PLAYING on my notebook) !

So I believe it might be a problem with my special notebook or
did you already hear any crash-reports from any other laptop-users ?

It crashes more often when at the beginning I try to analyse
a big mat-file, if I begin with a relatively small one and then with the
bigger one, it is more stable.

Btw : I ran a stability-tool to test the cpu-performance, motherboard...
and so on, developed from a guy from Finland 12 hours, which means
my system should be stable. Directly afterwards I wanted to analyse
a mat-file with the GNUBG...and another crash!

I already wrote to the support-team of the producer of my notebook.
If you can read german, I add the text as an attachment (targa1r.htm).
Here a short report what they said: "We have installed GNUBG on
one of our notebooks (which runs fine). With GNUBG it was sufficient
to click two times on the second dice and the program crashed.
We strongly believe that the program is not properly programmed
respectively it might be a compatibility problem of the software with
the chip-set. We recommend that you contact the programmers of
the software."

I never had their clicking-dice-crash - so what is going on here ?
Is GNUBG to blame - or my notebook (respectively the whole brand) ?

Any ideas ?

Although it is more a hardware than a software problem any help is
much appreciated !
Many Thanks in advance !

Warmest regards

Hans-Juergen Schaefer  

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