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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Japanese Locale Problem for Windows 2000

From: Nardy Pillards
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Japanese Locale Problem for Windows 2000
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 01:30:59 +0200

From:                   Yoshito Takeuchi <address@hidden>
> Japanese Windows use charset="Shift-JIS".
> Ja.po use charset="EUC-JP".
> So, I tried ja.po charset transfer "Shift-JIS".
> But I cannot make ja.gmo, bucause,
> 'msgfmt' command cannot use "Shift-JIS".
> I have questions.
> Make ja.gmo is
>  msgfmt ja.po -o ja.gmo
> Right ?

Yes, right.

(from msgfmt --help:)

Usage: C:\MINGW\BIN\MSGFMT.EXE [OPTION] filename.po ...
Generate binary message catalog from textual translation description.

Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options 
  -a, --alignment=NUMBER      align strings to NUMBER bytes (default: 
  -c, --check                 perform language dependent checks on 
  -D, --directory=DIRECTORY   add DIRECTORY to list for input files 
  -f, --use-fuzzy             use fuzzy entries in output
  -h, --help                  display this help and exit
      --no-hash               binary file will not include the hash 
  -o, --output-file=FILE      specify output file name as FILE
      --statistics            print statistics about translations
      --strict                enable strict Uniforum mode
  -v, --verbose               list input file anomalies
  -V, --version               output version information and exit

Giving the -v option more than once increases the verbosity level.

If input file is -, standard input is read.  If output file is -,
output is written to standard output.
Report bugs to <address@hidden>.

> By the way, I tried 'gnubglan.bat' on my Japanese Windows.
> I can use  this bat file.
> First, I chose ja, but no good.
> I choose  de and it, it looks good ( I cannot understand Italian and
> German :-)). I choose '1.ORIGINAL VERSION' so, this bat file remove
> gnubg.mo file in ja directory,. and I  can use gnubg English version.
> Do you have another advice ?

Results you got are the one expected.

ja first
then 2 (german) or 3 (italian) or 4 (japanese)
and indeed 1 to go back to original language of gnubg

but Japanese does not show the Japanese characters.


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