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[Bug-gnubg] RE: gnubg bearoff database query

From: Albert Silver
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] RE: gnubg bearoff database query
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 16:09:28 -0300

(I'm forwarding this as someone in the list might be able to provide
more information on the subject of database recommendations)


Hi Jim,

> Albert:        Could you advise me on which bearoff databases to
> and why?  Although I find the
> documentation in the "doc" folder to be good, conceptually I am a
> out
> of my league.
> My guess is that gnubg doesn't have to crunch as often if it can
> these databases.  Is that right?  

Well, GNU doesn't really suffer from the classic bot problem of
extremely poor bearin in non-contact positions thanks to its very good
Race Net. The biggest advantage of a large database is that even those
minute errors are improved thanks to a perfect database, and it doesn't
run them through the race neural net, so it could be faster. I'll be
honest in saying that due to the quality of its neural nets (see Heled's
site describing comparative results at
http://pages.quicksilver.net.nz/pepe/ngb/index.html - be sure to change
the bottom left choice of Concise to Full), I have not bothered building
an extra database to this end. 

> Also,  given that computing time is not
> a
> problem should I go with the two-sided bearoff databases rather than
> one-sided, and if so, should I generate as many that are reasonable?  

If you want bearin perfection, I'd build a one-sided 13-point database
extending to the midpoint. This is the classic point of departure for
non-contact bearins. The two-sided bases are for bearOFF positions as a
rule (AFAIK), else the base would probably be too big. Feel free to
experiment though, or query the mailing list. Would it be ok if I
forwarded this? I'm fairly certain you'd get better answers on this
subject that way.

I am
> sure you are
> busy so I would appreciate a reply only at your convenience.  By the
> I
> read your posts to the list and from my perspective, I find your
> suggestions
> to be perfect regarding GUI, etc.

Thanks. :-)

> Thank you for your past emails to me and thanks in advance for your
> in
> this regard.

It's my pleasure.


> Jim

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