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RE: [gnubg] [Bug-gnubg] Strange FIBS ratings

From: Holger
Subject: RE: [gnubg] [Bug-gnubg] Strange FIBS ratings
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 19:04:00 +0200

At 13:22 11.09.2003 -0300, Albert Silver wrote:
> While this is likely to be true, someone who needs to copy the stats more
> than very occasionally will probably try to find out. This may end in
> questions to the mailing list, but maybe they also read the manual or ask
> a
> friend before.
> The reason for my arguing is the relative lack of importance of this
> feature. Likely (almost) only power users would need this. Imho they could
> be bothered to read a manual.

I understand, but this isn't consistent with the rest of the program's
design. Elsewhere the way to send things to the clipboard such as from
the Hint and Annotation window, is to highlight what you want and click
on the Copy button. Here suddenly, the process is different, and this is
the problem. If everywhere else, local menus were used, I'd say nothing
as it was consistent with the design but here it means the same basic
process requires is done differently in different areas.

Yes, I know, and that's why I wrote below that this behaviour should be added at other places, too.

> >I don't like the idea that we can't add a right-click menu becuase none
> >exist elsewhere.  They can be useful and in this case it's a better
> I agree with this. Imho with time we should add right click menus to other
> places as well so it will become consistent.



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