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[Bug-gnubg] Re: building rpms

From: Achim Mueller
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Re: building rpms
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 15:46:28 +0200
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* Øystein Johansen wrote on 20 Okt 2003:

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> Achim Mueller wrote:
> | Hi Oystein,
> |
> | I have some problems/ideas building rpms:
> |
> | 1. I try to build gtkglext from source (works), but can't get it
> | working using the specfile included. Somehow the *so* files are not
> | built. Because it's a bit difficult to explain I would like you to
> | log into my pc and see, what's going on. I'm back at ca. 8:00 pm today
> | or at 8:30 pm tomorrow evening.

Got it to work in the train to Frankfurt this morning. On SuSE I needed to 
implement an aclocal ...
automake ... for some strange reasons.

No I have

1. gnubg (3d support)
2. gnubg databases
3. gnubg sound
4. gtkglext (for suse)
5. ftgl

I need someone with a RedHat 9 and a fast graphic card to test, if
the rpms also install and run there.

> I should also look at this in advance I think. I can take a look at it
> here first.

No need to hurry, after I solved the rpm problem.

> | 2. I would like to change some paths in the makefile of gnubg to
> | suit it to the standard. Is it allowed to change the makefile in cvs
> | or should I only change my own makefile?
> I think you should forward this question to the list. I would guess you
> should edit the Makefile in the cvs, but it may break some something on
> some computers. Jørn and Jim knows more about Makefiles that I do.
> Well... if something gets broken it's not worse than unrolling the
> commit, so just go ahead.

I only want to change the path to info. It's now $prefix/info and
should be $prefix/share/info. Also I want the info files gzipped.



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