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[Bug-gnubg] About windows install of gnubg [was: New book by Paul Magrie

From: Øystein Johansen
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] About windows install of gnubg [was: New book by Paul Magriel (?)]
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 01:17:28 +0100
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Holger wrote:
Btw, I'd suggest that you commit your setup file for the installer to CVS. How about that?

Good idea. I'm using My Inno install extesion, but I think these extensions are all implemented in Inno setup now. I should therefore convert to Inno Setup 4.0.


I'm commiting my setup script, gnubg.iss, right now, as it is. It has not been updated in a couple of months, so some files are probably missing and some files are only found locally on my system on in one of my special local files. (And some files from other paths are also included, I believe. The file will therefore probably need some hacking.

If anybody sees a need we could also talk about a MSI based installation or another (better) installer.

I was thinking of a clean Win32 API written installer/updater, which works with the following algorithm:

1. Find the GNU Backgammon installation directory.
2. If installatation directory is not found, assume this is a first time istallation. 3. Check the version on the executables in directory, and check which other files that needs updating, and check for missing files.
4. Prompt the user for which parts to download and install/update.
   More like this:

   Main programs
   [ ] Main executable with GTK interface
   [ ] Command line interface executables

   [ ] html manual
   [ ] Tutorials

   Bearoff databases
   [ ] 1-sided bearoff database
   [ ] 2-sided bearoff database
   [ ] Tools for making bearoff- and hypergammon databases

   Board designs and sounds
   [ ] Board designs and textures.
   [ ] Sounds

   Translation packages
   [ ] US English
   [ ] Danish
   [ ] French
   [ ] German
   [ ] Icelandic
   [ ] Italian
   [ ] Japaneese
   [ ] Russan
   [ ] Turkish

   (I've probably forgot something here)

5. Get the files for the web site.
6. Extract and install the selected files.

Check the installation tools for MiKTeX and Cygwin. These installers work great. Specially the the MiKTeX system which just does the right thing! (except that it's written in MFC!)

Can this be the next step for the Windows installation?


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