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Re: [Bug-gnubg] home for NN developmend code + data

From: Joseph Heled
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] home for NN developmend code + data
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 14:31:52 +1200
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Example of the main culprits:

  1 joseph   users         10M Jun 26  2003 train-dat.bz2
  1 joseph   users        4.1M Dec 30  2002 train-data.bz2
  1 joseph   wheel        2.2M Jan  8  2003 race-train.data.bz2
  1 joseph   users         18M Jun 18 12:23 contact.bm.bz2
  1 joseph   users        9.9M Jun 18 12:22 race-result-1.8.bm.bz2
  1 joseph   wheel         11M Dec 24  2002 crashed-moves.bm.bz2

Jim Segrave wrote:
On Thu 17 Jun 2004 (22:54 +0200), ?ystein Johansen wrote:

Hash: SHA1

Joseph Heled wrote:
| Since I am not sure when/if I will come back to active development of
| the NN, I would like to make my development setup in an useful and
| accessible form so that others might have a shot at it.

I'm really sorry to hear.

I've said it before: I really want to start working with the NNs. I'm
not sure if I own the right knowledge, but hopefully you can help up on
my feet. I understand you have some nn training tools in tcl. I guess I
need a lesson in using these tools, at least.

I really hope you will come back to the development of the NN. You have
really done a great job so far.

| The problem is it involves some large data files, so it is not possible
| to do this on my personal site.
| So, I am looking for suggestions where can this stuff be placed.
| Ideal would be alongside the GNUbg project itself, in a way that will
| not inconvenience other users. That way we will have version control as
| well.

I guess these data files are stored in a binary format? I guess ftp
should be the thing then, and cvs for the tools, maybe!

I may be able to provide ftp space - some indication of size will help

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