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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Settings for different instances of gnubg

From: Jonathan Kinsey
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Settings for different instances of gnubg
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 14:05:24 +0100
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Hardy Hübener wrote:
> On 10.07.2007 14:49  Jonathan Kinsey wrote:
>> The settings are stored per user, which is the "proper" way really. 
>> You can
>> load and save settings now, in theory we could add a gui for this - in
>> reality
>> you're the first to ask about it :o)
>> Jon
> I think I am the first to ask, because most USERs are still using the
> 0.15. And there it was implemented differently.
> How do you handle the need to have different settings for rollouts? I
> guess you have also some quick and dirty settings and some more precise?
> I don't want to change the settings all the time. And as there are not
> yet the possibility to save different sets of settings, my work-around
> was to install gnubg several times on my computer. That worked fine with
> 0.15. But this possibility got killed by the different implementation
> with 0.16.
> If you want my vote: Give me this 0.15 feature back!

You can save/load settings, just enter the commands "save settings <file>" and
"load commands <file>" (or load commands from the menu), it's not great, but
having multiple copies of gnubg to have different settings isn't the best
solution either.


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