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[Bug-gnubg] Questions re executibles with multi-thread support

From: Jim Curtis
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Questions re executibles with multi-thread support
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2007 20:59:46 -0700
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First, thanks to everyone for their work on gnubg.  I don't understand
the following:       (you may want to keep your existing executables,
otherwise rename the new ones).

Could someone explain the what, why's and wherefore's to me.  I can't
figure out the raamifications.  Also, I downloaded the win-mt exes
since I am running Windows XP. 

Finally, since I am running a Pentium D dual core.  Do I set the threads
to 2?  Thanks in advance for your help.

Jim Curtis

      GnuBG MS Windows executables with multi-thread support

Thanks to out dear developers, GnuBG has now multi-thread capability
(WOW !!).

This feature generates impressive speed-up in analysis and roll-out,
when used on multi-processor architectures (including dual-core,
quad-core etc).

*NOTE:* some preliminary testing has already been done, however this
feature is somehow experimental.

To install, download the win-mt exes archive
(1.2Mb, timestamp 20070731) or the glib-mt exes archive
(1.2Mb, timestamp 20070731) and unzip the content into your existing
GnuBG installation dir (you may want to keep your existing executables,
otherwise rename the new ones). To set the number of threads (normally
equal to the number of processors you have), use
"Settings/Options/Others/Eval threads" in the GUI version, or "set
threads" in the CLI version.
*Important:* the two multi-thread versions should be equivalent. At the
moment it seems a bug is still present in the multi-thread code (rollout
of cube decisions) and the glib version does not work properly under
Windows (it may crash).

*NOTE:* due to a GTK+ file naming/versioning problem
(e.g.libpng12.dll/libpng13.dll <http://e.g.libpng12.dll/libpng13.dll>),
it is recommended to install the multi-thread exes into a recent (i.e.
2007) installation.

*NOTE:* Now the "calibrate eval speed" is multi-threaded !!

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