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[Bug-gnubg] Question About Rollout

From: Mochy
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Question About Rollout
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 02:51:29 +0100


I have a question about rollout.
When we do rollout, GNUBG shows us two sets of numbers.
One is Centerd 1 cube and the other one is Owned 2 cube.


Rollout details:
Centered 1-cube:
  0.669 0.146 0.002 - 0.331 0.078 0.003 CL  +0.405 CF  +0.621
Player player owns 2-cube:
  0.670 0.152 0.001 - 0.330 0.077 0.003 CL  +0.854 CF  +0.574

GNU shows me win,gammon,backgammon %s, but how does those numbers
caluculate ?
Does it mean probabillity of winning chances assuming doubler never
double till the end of the game ? Cubeless chances?

Sometimes winning % of owns 2 cube is higher than that of centerd 1 cube.
However it is rogically impossible. If you didnt double(centerd 1 cube) ,
you could double later and could cash. If you double (owns 2cube by your
opponent), then you have not such an option. So 2cube wining chances
must be lower than 1 cube winning chances. But it is sometimes not.

I would really appreciate if someone answer me.

King Regards,
Mochizuki Masayuki

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