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[Bug-gnubg] Relational database

From: Jonathan Kinsey
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Relational database
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 09:17:45 +0000
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I've finished the first set of changes to the relational database player records. I've moved the sql code from Python into the C code and the db settings from a settings file into gnubg options. It's largely untried so doubtless there are some errors to be found.

The next (more exciting) part is to write some queries to show the data. I like the idea of a "report gallery" which has a list of standard reports which can then be customised by the user. Without thinking about how it might be done (or when...), it would be good if people could suggest some ideas of things they'd like to see.

Here's a few ideas from me:

        * Display error rates over time
Show a list of cheq/cube/overall error rates per match in time order and include average at end.

        * Error rates per match length
Show a list of cheq/cube/overall error rates for each match length and include average at end.

        * Score away "temperture map"
show a 2d grid with each grid coloured based on the average error at that score.

        * List of opponents
Matches played w/l record, avg errors and avg fibs ratings.

Each report could have filters for player names, match scores, chequer/cube or both errors (and other things...). So for example you might select "error rates over time", one player = "Jon", match length >= 5, cube errors, post crawford.

I'm not sure how to build up a kind of requirements list (lots of emails is likely to get confusing), I guess some kind of web wiki would be good, can we use the gnubg help section?


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