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[Bug-gnubg] Menus + Toolbars

From: Jonathan Kinsey
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Menus + Toolbars
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 09:34:27 +0000

I've sent this as a new thread, I've added some comments below but largely what 
Max said is reasonable.

Massimiliano Maini wrote:
> File menu:
> * Maybe "Load command file" and "Generate html images" can be hidden
> somewhere else, guess they are not often used.

I agree, I doubt many people use either of these.  The "Generate html images" 
could probably be a button in the export settings dialog.

> Edit menu:
> * What are Copy and Paste supposed to do?! If its clipboard copy/paste,
> when is this allowed in gnubg  only for matchID and posID? We cuold get
> rid of this meging match and pos ID into a single ID and having a more
> explicit copy/paste ID.

They are a bit odd, it might have something to do with the Ctrl+C etc shortcuts 
working (I'm not sure when anyone would need these anyway)?  There's a "copy as 
match+position ID" menu entry already.

> * I would move the Undo to the Game menu.
> * Copy As is fine, not sure it deserves an Edit menu by itself (if
> Copy and Paste are removed and if Undo is moved).

Copy as could easily be moved to the game menu.  I always found it odd that 
there isn't a menu entry which corresponds to the edit button, I think there 
should be a "edit position" entry somewhere.

> View menu:
> * The Python shell thing does not work for me (and in the past it
> has been a pain). Is it useful anyway ?
> * I would add a menu for swapping the direction (like the Direction
> toolbat button). Maybe something like "Play clockwise" (checkable).

I agree with both of these points.

> Game menu:
> *I would put "Undo" from the Edit menu between Roll and Finish move.
> Analyse menu:
> * Eval: what's used for ? Just the name of the evalulator ?

I think it can be useful in some obscure cases.  Odd things like this should be 
removed from the menus (and only accessible from the command window), IMO.

> * Analyse: separate submenus for match and session ?

I think we should have a dialog for a single menu (and toolbar) "Analyse" 
command, here you could select match/game/move, whether to add to the database, 
whether to open the statistics at the end, a button for the analysis settings 
etc.  If the options are remebered, this will be quicker than doing it manually.

> * Game stats/Match stats/Session stats: maybe only one can do the
> work, since match/session stats are the same and game stats can be
> accesses from match/session stats.

Yes, just have stats, and select the game from the list.

> * Player records + Add to player records: do we need to keep this ?
> The relational DB looks much more powerful (and culd be just as easy
> to use).

This is very likely to be removed soon, or more likely the same two entries 
will add to the database rather than the file (and the rel db entries removed).

> * Distribution of rolls: uh, first time I use the feature. Cool !

> * Eval speed: maybe to be put in "Settings/Options/Others" dialog,
> under the number of threads.

Yes, this is a rarely used function.

> Settings menu:
> * Why don't we replace this with a single menu entry (Options)
> and a complex dialog like in firefox "Tools/Options..." or in
> VLC "Settings/Preferences..." ? The dialog should have
> "OK", "Save" and "Cancel" buttons (should help underlining that
> once an option is changed you must save to have it next time you
> start gnubg).

The options do need a bit of a rethink, not sure it's worth the effort at the 

> Go menu:
> * Horrible name. Maybe something like "Navigate" ... I would also put
> it in between the Game and Analyse menus, or evenunder the Game menu.
> Help menu:
> * Report bug: what is this supposed to do? On win it just opens an
> Explorer (not Internet Explorer, just the resource explorer).

This should open the browser at the bug entry page.

> *Copying gnubg and gnubg warranty: are duplicated in "Help/About gnubg/
> Copying conditions" and "Help/About gnubg/warranty", we can just remove
> the menu entries and leave the buttons inthe About gnubg dialog.

Yes, no-one wants to read these anyway.

> Toolbar:
> * New, Open, Save: OK.
> * Add Analyse in between Open and Save.
> * Possibly, insert "Add to rel DB" in between Analyse and Save (not
> necessary if a pop-up asks to ass to DB any time an analysis is over).
> * Export: not sure is needed (no big deal anyway).
> * Accept, Decline, Beaver: that's complicate. Personally I find that
> accepting with a single left-click on the cube and dropping with a
> single right-click is a bit too fast for new users. What about:
>   # Left click on the cube = show a cube menu (i.e. take/pass/
>     beaver if being doubled, double if on roll).
>   # Double left-click = take
>   # Double right-click = pass
> If that's done, no need for the toolbar buttons Accept/Decline/Beaver.
> * Resign: OK, but would do as well to have a white flag behind the board 
> and
> resign clicking (or double-clicking) on it.
> * Undo, Hint: OK, would move them before Accept/Decline/Beaver (assuming
> they are kept).
> * Edit: the 2nd most dangerous button for new users! The edit mode is not
> clearly visible once you press the Edit button by mistake. Often, they 
> don't
> even know how to get out of edit mode.
> * Direction: there should be an entry in the View menu IMO. Not sure the
> button is needed then.
> * Stop: the most dangerous button (and very rarely needed). Move all the
> way to the right, if really necessary to have it.

The toolbar is much better than the menus at present.

> I would also like to have a context menu popping up when right-clicking
> in the play area (anywhere on the board, except chequers) with:
> * the Copy as menu and submenus
> * the 2D/3D switch
> * the direction switch
> * some game play commands: roll,double,take,pass,beaver, ...
> * some analysis commands: hint, temp map, etc.
> * save command

I'm not so sure about these, right-click should be context sensitive.  Most of 
these actions are infreqent and easily available form the menu/toolbar.


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