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Re: [Bug-gnubg] End Game button/feature

From: Zulli, Louis P
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] End Game button/feature
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 05:03:42 -0500

On Mon, 15 Dec 2008 09:29:23 -0000
 "Ian Shaw" <address@hidden> wrote:

Just wondering whether "Play out" is both short enough and readily

I think so. In fact, that's what I had settled upon for my personal build, after trying and rejecting AutoFinish. But perhaps the similarity between "play out" and "rollout" is a concern.

Probably six of one, half dozen of another, so to speak.

By the way, given that this button's text is no longer "Quick Game", perhaps new icon is needed.


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