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Re: [Bug-gnubg] [Proposal] Theory panel ?!

From: Rich Heimlich
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] [Proposal] Theory panel ?!
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 15:04:17 -0400
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I use the program very much as a typical user might. Maybe a game every week or so. I've never even heard of the theory panel.

My biggest issues with the program as it is all revolve around it being too skewed toward the expert player without having simple, quick access for the casual player. A theory panel is a nice idea and it should stay but remain optional and off by default.

Every time I get a new person to join our ranks I have to personally take the time to set up their game and save those settings and explain it a bit before they can enjoy it. They, like me, are just casual players (though some still appreciate the power to be had here). GNUBG is still a great solution for such players as it steps them through it all.

The biggest thing I really miss from mainstream BG computer games is the sense of social interaction. I'd like to see the program add bells and whistles that make the casual experience more engrossing. A tutor that does more than just show a list of moves. Where possible explain WHY those moves are better. Provide some examples. Really lay out the cases as one gets with a dissection of chess moves. Look to add audio (all optional) triggers tied to player personalities. I'd love to see something like a virtual tournament where I can go and play at the lowest levels and move up and see my name in a tournament board. Have fictional earnings and move up the ranks as GNUBG slowly improves my game taking me from novice to expert. All of this is possible with the amazing design you guys have put into this. I'd just like to see it not forget the casual user. More users isn't a bad thing.

On 8/20/2009 2:11 PM, Myshkin LeVine wrote:
Hi All,
         I am of the opinion that features like the theory panel
should not be removed unless they become code maintenance problems.
The theory panel may be turned off if it is not desired. Instead of
simply removing it because some users might be confused as to its
purpose, let those users simply leave it off which is the default.
Most of those who would be confused by it will never know that it
exists, as evidenced by Max who reports just discovering it. I would
rather have us follow Jon's idea of finding a way to improve it
somehow so that it is more useful.
                        Take care,

  >  Jon Kinsey wrote:
  >  ...If the general consensus is to remove it then I've not got a
problem with that,
  >  or if there are suggestions to make it more useful then I could
try and fill it out.
  >  Jon

  >>  Massimiliano Maini wrote:
  >>  I just noticed thepossibility to have a "Theory panel" shown.
  >>  The info shown seems to be: pip count, EPC, return hits and
Kleinman count.
  >>  But EPC and return hits do not seem to get updated.
  >>  Anyway, do we really need this panel ? I would say no.
  >>  MaX.

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