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[Bug-gnubg] illegal move

From: Alexander Hanhikoski
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] illegal move
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2009 22:34:44 +0300

Wikipedia has quite good article on the rules of Backgammon. SeeĀ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backgammon#Movement. You can also see if there's translation in your native language. (My guess is you speak Spanish, see hereĀ http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backgammon)

The important line for this particular position is: "For any roll, if a player can move both dice, that player is compelled to do so.". So your suggestion uses only the 3 for the move while there's a possibility to use both, 3 and 5, so you are forced by the rules to make the move that uses both dice.


alberto wrote:

ok I try now to explain what my cuestion is, my english is not the
In the match that I sent you can see that the dice are 5 and 3, so now I
want to play the 3 with one of the chips in my home area and thus I lose
the chance to move the 5. I don't have to open my two chips at the home
of my adversary that is what the gnubg thinks.
If I'm wrong tell me it would be nice.

Best regards,


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