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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Scripts

From: boomslang
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Scripts
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 01:08:51 +0000 (GMT)

Hmmm, when i start the script it still doesn't play on -- it just plays the opening move and then it quits. See log file below...
Maybe there's still an option i've forgotten?

(BTW, when started from the gui, it plays until the end)

My script looks like: 

    set rng mersenne 1   
    set automatic game on
    set automatic roll on   
    set player 0 gnubg
    set player 1 gnubg
    new match 21

The result is:

C:\Program Files\gnubg>gnubg-cli --commands=script.txt

GNU Backgammon 0.90-mingw 20111003
Copyright (C) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 by Gary Wong.
Copyright (C) 2009 by Gary Wong and the AUTHORS; for details type `show version'.
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details type `show warranty'.
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; type `show copying' for details.
GNU Backgammon will now use the Mersenne Twister generator.
Seed set to 1.
Will automatically start games after wins.
Will automatically roll the dice when no cube action is possible.
Moves for GNUbg will now be played by GNU Backgammon.
Moves for You will now be played by GNU Backgammon.
A new 21 point match has been started.
GNUbg rolls 3, You rolls 6.
 GNU Backgammon  Position ID: 4HPwATDgc/ABMA
                 Match ID   : cIm5AgAAAAAE
 +13-14-15-16-17-18------19-20-21-22-23-24-+     O: GNUbg
 | X           O    |   | O              X |     0 points
 | X           O    |   | O              X |
 | X           O    |   | O                |
 | X                |   | O                |
 | X                |   | O                |
v|                  |BAR|                  |     21 point match (Cube: 1)
 | O                |   | X                |
 | O                |   | X                |
 | O           X    |   | X                |
 | O           X    |   | X              O |     Rolled 36
 | O           X    |   | X              O |     0 points
 +12-11-10--9--8--7-------6--5--4--3--2--1-+     X: You

You moves 24/18 13/10.

C:\Program Files\gnubg>

From: Michael Petch <address@hidden>
To: address@hidden
Sent: Thursday, 26 January 2012, 1:54
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Scripts

On 25/01/2012 5:47 PM, Michael Petch wrote:

> I would do it this way:
> set rng mersenne 1
> set player 0 gnubg
> set player 1 gnubg
> new match 21
> The problem with "set player You gnubg" assumes that there is always a
> player named "You" and if it doesn't exist the command will fail. Using
> the number 0 and 1 get around that. But technically speaking if the
> players are set to gnubg, "new match 21" should continue until the match
> is complete.

As well make sure you have "set automatic game on". This will make sure
the bot will start each game automatically. If it is off the bot will
play a game and then stop. You would then have to issue "new game"
manually. With this feature on it should go until match is complete.

Michael Petch
CApp::Sysware Consulting Ltd.
OpenPGP FingerPrint=D81C 6A0D 987E 7DA5 3219 6715 466A 2ACE 5CAE 3304

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