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Re: syntax-check hits on gnulib itself

From: jemarch
Subject: Re: syntax-check hits on gnulib itself
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2008 03:12:29 +0200
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   > I ran 'make syntax-check' (from gnulib's maint.mk) and it detected some
   > problems in code in gnulib itself

   These are not problems in the code. You better avoid to apply this coding
   conventions checker against a file that is written with different coding

Just a little practical note about this. People using maint.mk and
make syntax-check usually have other gnulib modules installed in some
subdirectory in their projects (such as lib/).

That is the case of GNU PDF, for example. When I imported the
maintainer-makefile module and tested 'make syntax-check' I found that
maint.mk was analyzing the source code in 'lib/' and thus was
generating errors not related with our code. After a few errors the
makefile exits with an error code, so our code was not analysed at

So I had to create a cfg.mk file containing a redefinition of

  C_SOURCES = $(shell find src -name '*.[chly]')

where 'src/' is the subdirectory with our sources.

If the code from gnulib is not intended to follow the conventions
implemented by main.mk then maybe would be good to drop a little note
in the documentation about the need to change C_SOURCES to not include
the directory containing the sources imported from gnulib.

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