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Module request: wordexp

From: Daniel Macks
Subject: Module request: wordexp
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 00:15:34 -0400
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Would be great to get wordexp into gnulib. OS X 10.4 finally has it,
but it's incompletely implemented (the flags are ignored), so it's
easy to *think* you're getting something ported when in fact it may
not work correctly. OS X 10.5 claims to have the flags implemented,
but there is an apparent bug (runtime crash due to a pointer not
getting zeroed). Without reliable, complete POSIX implementation, it's
hard to port POSIX-compliant software to currently-used Mac systems.

I took a look at the whole glibc, but extracting just wordexp and
disentangling all the other pieces or getting anywhere trying to
configure the suite on a platform that it doesn't support ompiling the
thing is beyond me as my first poking in the sources:(


Daniel Macks

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