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Re: willing to contribute verrevcmp to gnulib?

From: Kamil Dudka
Subject: Re: willing to contribute verrevcmp to gnulib?
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 16:20:07 +0200
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On Monday 29 September 2008 16:12:18 Ian Jackson wrote:
> And which files are we talking about ?

> NB that the dpkg comparison algorithm was recently extended to support
> a new character ~ which sorts before the empty string.  This work
> wasn't done by me - but I approve of it and it should be in the
> gnulib version too.
we use the extended version (handling ~ character), even slightly modified to 
work better with file names (with suffixes). The new (gnulib) filevercmp code 
is in attachment.


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