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Re: O_CLOEXEC support

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: Re: O_CLOEXEC support
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 10:29:19 +0200
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On 08/20/2009 10:18 AM, Bruno Haible wrote:
Paolo Bonzini wrote:
Why not just implement a fcntl replacement, supporting only
F_GETFD/F_SETFD for now (and maybe in the future F_DUPFD and
F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC, as you mention below)?

One thing at a time. I agree with Eric. I would have a hard time
reviewing a patch that implements fcntl, popen, popen-safer, and
fixes flock, all in one patch.

Oh, I agree that this shouldn't be part of the popen-safer patch (which has been already committed, anyway).


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