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From: Peter Seebach
Subject: setproctitle()
Date: Mon, 03 May 2010 15:13:04 -0500

Is there any interest in attempting to provide a moderately portable
setproctitle()?  (I think it would be reasonable for it to, on some
systems, simply fail to do anything...)

Apparently, this functionality exists in "util-linux-ng", and sendmail has
an implementation that works on Linux, but it seems to be one of those
things that has been reinvented FAR too many times.  (I have, in the last
five minutes, also found implementations in postgresql, and a libproctitle
or some such, and apparently a perl implementation...)

This seems like something that ought to be implemented as cleanly and
correctly as possible, once, and then not duplicated, because duplicating
it transcends our normal understanding of "error-prone", taking it to
whole new levels.

I am not volunteering to create a genuinely portable implementation, but I'd
be willing to volunteer to write a reasonably durable implementation that
would work against glibc, probably.


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