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libposix patch, main file changes

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: libposix patch, main file changes
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2011 08:35:07 -0800
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Attached is the patch to primary files, thus sans the
libposix subdirectory files.  The changes fall into
several categories:

1.  ChangeLog (1/3 of total)

2.  gnulib-tool -- support for new variables:
    echo "nodist_pkginclude_HEADERS ="
    echo "nobase_nodist_pkginclude_HEADERS ="
    echo "EXTRA_HEADERS ="

3.  lib/*-die.c -- error() call avoidance.  (abort() is
    called instead.)

4.  modules files (specifying which headers should be installed
    when libposix is to be installed -- these are stripped out
    by gnulib-tool when run for not-libposix.)

Everything seems to work fine with my testing.
I'd like to get this stuff wrapped up so I can
actually use it.  Has anyone tried out the libposix
installation tarball I put up?  Help, please?

Thank you!

Regards, Bruce

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