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top_srcdir in Makefile.am & Makefile.in

From: Sam Steingold
Subject: top_srcdir in Makefile.am & Makefile.in
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2011 14:16:46 -0400
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clisp directory structure is:
clisp - top level; hand-written configure script (ask Bruno)
clisp/src - most sources, configure.in, configure, aclocal.m4
clisp/src/gllib, clisp/src/glm4 - imported from gnulib
clisp/src/build-aux - imported from many places, mostly gnulib

$ grep top_srcdir src/gllib/Makefile.am
appears to indicate that top_srcdir should point to clisp.
$ cd src && automake gllib/Makefile && cd ..
$ grep top_srcdir src/gllib/Makefile.in
has these:
ACLOCAL_M4 = $(top_srcdir)/aclocal.m4
am__aclocal_m4_deps = $(top_srcdir)/configure.in
depcomp = $(SHELL) $(top_srcdir)/build-aux/depcomp
        echo ' cd $(top_srcdir) && $(AUTOMAKE) --gnits gllib/Makefile'; \

how come?!

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