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Re: Help needed (MinGW)

From: Tim Ruehsen
Subject: Re: Help needed (MinGW)
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2018 21:37:48 +0100

Am Mittwoch, den 03.01.2018, 20:33 +0100 schrieb Bruno Haible:
> Hi Tim,
> > I currently see during MinGW build:
> > 
> >   CC       fatal-signal.lo
> > In file included from /usr/share/mingw-w64/include/signal.h:10:0,
> >                  from ./signal.h:52,
> >                  from fatal-signal.c:26:
> > ./signal.h:593:1: error: expected identifier or '(' before numeric
> > constant
> >  _GL_FUNCDECL_SYS (pthread_sigmask, int,
> >  ^
> > 
> > Any idea what is going on here, it's in the gnulib area ?
> The usual tips for such an error:
> 1) Does it still occur after you did "make distclean", then
> reconfigure
>    and "make"?
> 2) Use CC="gcc -no-integrated-cpp" to get higher quality diagnostics
> from GCC.
> 3) Run "make V=1" to see the actual compilation command line. [1]
>    Then modify that command line to add -E instead of -c -o options,
> and
>    redirect that preprocessor output to a file. Analyze it.

The problem stays (I am now on a second machine, but same system Debian

After stripping off the compiler options, the command line is

x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc-win32 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I..
-I/home/tim/src/wget2/x86_64-w64-mingw32/include -no-integrated-cpp
-DNDEBUG -fno-PIC -MT fatal-signal.lo -MD -MP -MF .deps/fatal-
signal.Tpo -c fatal-signal.c  -DDLL_EXPORT -DPIC -o .libs/fatal-

In the -E output there is
# 593 "./signal.h" 3
extern int 0

Line #593-594 in signal.h is:
_GL_FUNCDECL_SYS (pthread_sigmask, int,
                  (int how, const sigset_t *new_mask, sigset_t

I am using glthreads.
Maybe that has to do with the configure flag --disable-threads !?
The glthread functions are defined a 0 in this case.

The surrounding code in signal.h looks like
#if 1
# if 0
#  if !(defined __cplusplus && defined GNULIB_NAMESPACE)
#   undef pthread_sigmask
#   define pthread_sigmask rpl_pthread_sigmask
#  endif
_GL_FUNCDECL_RPL (pthread_sigmask, int,
                  (int how, const sigset_t *new_mask, sigset_t
_GL_CXXALIAS_RPL (pthread_sigmask, int,
                  (int how, const sigset_t *new_mask, sigset_t
# else
#  if !0
_GL_FUNCDECL_SYS (pthread_sigmask, int,
                  (int how, const sigset_t *new_mask, sigset_t
#  endif

Any more ideas / hints ?

Regards, Tim

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