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Re: gnulib-tool.py does not write the gitignore file correctly

From: Dmitry Selyutin
Subject: Re: gnulib-tool.py does not write the gitignore file correctly
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2018 22:06:08 +0300

Hi Darshit,

unfortunately I'm currently overloaded with my work, so I only have rare 
occasions to ever get to gnulib's code. From your description it looks the 
feature is omitted entirely, perhaps due to the lack of time to implement it 
in 2012, but I think it is certainly doable. I'll try to look at it in a week 
or two, hopefully this part is not so complex. Pull requests are welcome 
anyway! ;-)

On Monday, January 22, 2018 3:08:57 PM MSK Darshit Shah wrote:
> Hi,
> While using gnulib-tool.py for GNU Wget, I noticed a large number of new
> files in the git repository. It turns out that the original gnulib-tool
> used to write the .gitignore file with a list of all the files it copied
> into m4/. But, gnulib-tool.py does *NOT* write the gitignore file.
> Could this please be fixed? It's not a major issue, just a minor
> inconvenience.

With best regards,
Dmitry Selyutin

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