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Re: argp: pass NULL as msgid to dgettext without checks

From: He X
Subject: Re: argp: pass NULL as msgid to dgettext without checks
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2019 10:05:54 +0800

prove that man-db and tar works(which used to segfault). hope builtin argp could be updated soon. i will report if i met another NULL pointer case.

thanks for your work! :)

Bruno Haible <address@hidden> 于2019年1月6日周日 上午12:17写道:
He X wrote:
> > The msgid argument is a null-terminated string.
> problem is that msgid is a empty pointer, not a pointer to a
> NULL-terminated string.
> full backtrace:
> ```
> #0  0x00007ffff7fab65d in strcmp (l=0x0, r=0x7ffff7eff7df "Packaged by
> %s\n") at src/string/strcmp.c:5
> #1  0x00007ffff7f51351 in __mo_lookup (p=0x7ffff7efa000, size=55838, s=0x0)
> at src/locale/__mo_lookup.c:25
> #2  0x00007ffff7f51e14 in dcngettext (domainname=0x7ffff7ffe320 "tar",
> msgid1=0x0, msgid2=0x0, n=1, category=5) at src/locale/dcngettext.c:211
> #3  0x00007ffff7f52204 in dgettext (domainname=0x0, msgid=0x0) at
> src/locale/dcngettext.c:271
> #4  0x000055555558a63c in argp_args_usage (address@hidden,
> address@hidden, address@hidden,
>    address@hidden, address@hidden) at
> argp-help.c:1415
> #5  0x000055555558bcdd in _help (argp=0x7fffffffe740,
> address@hidden,
> stream=0x7ffff7ffb2a0 <f>, address@hidden,
>     name=0x7fffffffed94 "tar") at argp-help.c:1640
> #6  0x000055555558ca08 in argp_state_help (address@hidden,
> stream=<optimized out>, address@hidden) at argp-help.c:1741
> #7  0x000055555558d088 in argp_default_parser (key=<optimized out>,
> arg=<optimized out>, state=0x7fffffffe8f0) at argp-parse.c:96
> #8  0x000055555558df89 in group_parse (arg=<optimized out>, key=63,
> state=0x7fffffffe8f0, group=0x5555555c40b0) at argp-parse.c:234
> #9  parser_parse_opt (val=<optimized out>, opt=50331711,
> parser=0x7fffffffe880) at argp-parse.c:749
> #10 parser_parse_next (arg_ebadkey=<synthetic pointer>,
> parser=0x7fffffffe880) at argp-parse.c:860
> #11 argp_parse (argp=<optimized out>, argc=2, argv=<optimized out>,
> flags=<optimized out>, end_index=0x7fffffffe9f0, input=0x5555555c3500
> <args>)
>     at argp-parse.c:928
> #12 0x000055555555d3b7 in decode_options (argv=0x7fffffffeb58, argc=2) at
> tar.c:2312
> #13 main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>) at tar.c:2698
> ```

Thank you! With this stack trace, I'm fixing the issue as follows:

2019-01-05  Bruno Haible  <address@hidden>

        argp: Don't pass an invalid argument to dgettext().
        Reported by He X <address@hidden>.
        * lib/argp.h (struct argp): Clarify that the args_doc field may be NULL.
        * lib/argp-help.c (argp_args_usage): Don't pass a NULL args_doc to

diff --git a/lib/argp.h b/lib/argp.h
index 317ac03..7aba887 100644
--- a/lib/argp.h
+++ b/lib/argp.h
@@ -69,6 +69,9 @@ typedef int error_t;
 extern "C" {

+/* Glibc documentation:
+   https://www.gnu.org/software/libc/manual/html_node/Argp.html */
 /* A description of a particular option.  A pointer to an array of
    these is passed in the OPTIONS field of an argp structure.  Each option
    entry can correspond to one long option and/or one short option; more
@@ -236,9 +239,9 @@ struct argp
      ARGP_KEY_ definitions below.  */
   argp_parser_t parser;

-  /* A string describing what other arguments are wanted by this program.  It
-     is only used by argp_usage to print the "Usage:" message.  If it
-     contains newlines, the strings separated by them are considered
+  /* If non-NULL, a string describing what other arguments are wanted by this
+     program.  It is only used by argp_usage to print the "Usage:" message.
+     If it contains newlines, the strings separated by them are considered
      alternative usage patterns, and printed on separate lines (lines after
      the first are prefix by "  or: " instead of "Usage:").  */
   const char *args_doc;
diff --git a/lib/argp-help.c b/lib/argp-help.c
index e5375a0..e5e97ec 100644
--- a/lib/argp-help.c
+++ b/lib/argp-help.c
@@ -1412,8 +1412,10 @@ argp_args_usage (const struct argp *argp, const struct argp_state *state,
   char *our_level = *levels;
   int multiple = 0;
   const struct argp_child *child = argp->children;
-  const char *tdoc = dgettext (argp->argp_domain, argp->args_doc), *nl = 0;
+  const char *tdoc =
+    argp->args_doc ? dgettext (argp->argp_domain, argp->args_doc) : NULL;
   const char *fdoc = filter_doc (tdoc, ARGP_KEY_HELP_ARGS_DOC, argp, state);
+  const char *nl = NULL;

   if (fdoc)

> you could see that from #3, msgid is 0x0.
> > I don't see which dgettext invocation in argp-help.c is the one that
> needs the
> NULL check.
> it's not one but multiple. argp->doc[argp_doc()], and
> argp->args_doc[argp_args_usage[]) are what i have found . i am not sure if
> there's any other, but i'll give the fix a test and see.

Ah right. The 'doc' field of a 'struct argp' can be NULL as well, this is
documented in https://www.gnu.org/software/libc/manual/html_node/Argp-Parsers.html.
The 'doc' field in a 'struct argp_option' looks like it can be NULL as well,
see argp-help.c line 1178.

2019-01-05  Bruno Haible  <address@hidden>

        argp: Don't pass an invalid argument to dgettext().
        Reported by He X <address@hidden>.
        * lib/argp-help.c (print_header, argp_doc): Don't pass a NULL doc to

diff --git a/lib/argp-help.c b/lib/argp-help.c
index e5e97ec..75abe84 100644
--- a/lib/argp-help.c
+++ b/lib/argp-help.c
@@ -1021,7 +1021,7 @@ static void
 print_header (const char *str, const struct argp *argp,
               struct pentry_state *pest)
-  const char *tstr = dgettext (argp->argp_domain, str);
+  const char *tstr = str ? dgettext (argp->argp_domain, str) : NULL;
   const char *fstr = filter_doc (tstr, ARGP_KEY_HELP_HEADER, argp, pest->state);

   if (fstr)
@@ -1479,7 +1479,7 @@ argp_doc (const struct argp *argp, const struct argp_state *state,
   void *input = 0;
   int anything = 0;
   size_t inp_text_limit = 0;
-  const char *doc = dgettext (argp->argp_domain, argp->doc);
+  const char *doc = argp->doc ? dgettext (argp->argp_domain, argp->doc) : NULL;
   const struct argp_child *child = argp->children;

   if (doc)

Best regards,

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