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[Bug-gnupod] mounting vfat case-sensitive

From: eliot
Subject: [Bug-gnupod] mounting vfat case-sensitive
Date: Fri, 03 Jun 2005 08:40:40 +0100
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Hello there.

Gnupod is awesome, thank you.

I've been getting the following warning from gnupod_check.pl:

address@hidden ~]$ gnupod_check.pl
gnupod_check.pl Version 0.98 (C) Adrian Ulrich
warning: /media/ELIOT_IPOD seems to be mounted *CASE SENSITIVE*
         Mounting VFAT/HFS+ like this is a VERY BAD(tm) idea,
         strange things may happen... GNUpod may not work correctly!
         Please mount the Filesystem CASE *IN*SENSITIVE
         (use 'mount ... -o check=r' for VFAT)
         [Ignore this message if /media/ELIOT_IPOD isn't a
          VFAT or HFS+ Filesystem ;) ]
Pass 1: Checking Files in the GNUtunesDB.xml...
Pass 2: Checking Files on the iPod...

  Total Playtime : 34 h
  Space used     : 2.52 GB
  iPod files     : 437
  GNUpod files   : 437
 -> Everything is fine :)

So I went about making hal and fstab-sync mount the ipod drive as
case-insensitive. Details of what I did are here:


Expected result: now that I have the check=r option in the /etc/fstab for the
mount point I would expect the warning to have gone

Actual result: I still get the warning.

I have gnupod 0.98, Fedora Core 3, kernel 2.6.11-1.27_FC3smp.


Eliot Stock.

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