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Re: [Bug-gnupod] DESC field in iTunesDB

From: Richard van den Berg
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnupod] DESC field in iTunesDB
Date: Thu, 07 May 2009 18:23:01 +0200
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On 5/7/09 1:50 PM, H. Langos wrote:
I wasn't aware of a limitation to 40 characters. This seems a rather
arbitrary limit imposed on the user by itunes. It doesn't even resemble the
original id3v1 comment tag limit as that was 30 characters.
( http://www.id3.org/ID3v1 )

My bad. I took the width value of %FILEATTRDEF in iTunesDB.pm to mean the width of the field in the iTunesDB. It turns out it is only used as display width in FindHelper.pm. The mk_mhod() / mk_mhit() functions that actually convert the fields to iTunesDB format do not seem to impose any size limit.

Personally I see it most used for the show notes of podcasts. Transfering
the content to the "desc" attriute allows you to read those notes while listening to the podcast.

I've never used podcasts, but I see how that could be useful. Personally I haven't been able to read the "desc" field I set on my mp3s using gnupod_addsong.pl + mktunes.pl either on my 5G iPod or using the iTunes GUI. I can use it in smart playlists though. Googling shows that my iPod should be able to display lyrics, but I guess the lyrics_flag needs to be set first. Gnupod doesn't seem to do that for mp3s (which I guess is a bug).

work to get that stuff in there in the first place ;-)

I figured as much. I like the way it is done, I just didn't understand why it was there. Info for the mp3 podcasts makes sense.

If you need to get the information that currently is encoded in the file's
path into the file itself I would recommend using a comment tag.

I thought about that, and mass tagging my collection is not a big deal, but I'll have to redo it every time I add something, or move files from one directory to another. Hacking gnupod is much easier, and I won't have to change my habits. :-) I'll see if keeping a customized version of gnupod is better than changing the way I tag/select my mp3 collection.



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