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install make, libobjc, base on cygwin/mingw32

From: Michael Scheibler
Subject: install make, libobjc, base on cygwin/mingw32
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 13:11:11 +0100

I tried to install gnustep-base (0.9.0) on my system (cygwin bash, mingw
gcc). I followed the instructions of the latest news on www.gnustep.org.

1. make> configure
2. make> make install
3. libobjc> make install BUILD_DLL=yes

In libobjc's makefile the file NXConstStr is commented out, because
gnustep-base provides its own implementation. But when make tries to
link libobjc as a DLL, it reports that there is an undefined reference
to NXConstantString - which is true, because there is no implementation


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