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Re: problem with gpbs

From: Andreas Heppel
Subject: Re: problem with gpbs
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 09:10:54 +0200

Hi Nicola and all the others,
I installed version 0.7.8 of gui and back and my system is still working :-) 
Unfortunately, it did not solve the gpbs problem. Thus, I started to dig around 
and here 
is what I found out so far.
It seems that gpbs crashes during the pasteboard operation. The (remote) client 
then hangs in the RPC and is stuck. This happens if and only if I start gpbs 
during boot time (FYI, I use a suse 7.3 distro and hacked gnustep into suse's 
set of start/stop scripts.). If I do it manually from a command line everything 
is fine. 
Also, if I don't start it at all and let the client application do the work 
everything goes fine.
I tested the thing using GNUMail.app (1.0.2). I open the preferences panel and 
highlight the user name using the mouse. That's all I need to reproduce this 
behaviour. A couple of NSLog brought me finally near the place. It is somewhere 
in 'declareTypes' in the NSPasteboardObject class of gpbs. I am absolutely 
positive that the call goes out from NSPasteboard and reaches gpbs. Somewhere 
in there gpbs crashes.
The last idea I had was that it might have to do with X. In particular the 
starting order seems to be important. If I start gpbs after X is up and running 
I am fine. If I 
do it during start up of the system (somewhere near the start of X) it goes 
wrong. How far and how tight are X and gpbs connected? is it possible that some 
structures are not initialised properly if gpbs is started to soon after X?
At the moment I am too tired to dig deeper into the thing. The other problem is 
that if start gpbs the erroneous way I have no tty attached to gpbs where I 
NSLog what is going on. Where do the logs go in this case? Or any other idea 
how to debug this?

>Thanks for your time.

Thanks for yours :-)

Have a good night. I will.


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