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Re: problem with gpbs

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Re: problem with gpbs
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 08:21:54 -0600
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gpbs is very dependant on X. In fact it doesn't really handle things well when it is started before X. I'm not sure how to fix that. Perhaps it would be best if it just aborted/exited if X is not running.

Andreas Heppel wrote:
Hi again,
rereading my mail from tonight the startup sequence seems to be not too clear. 
Must have been very sleepy :-)
At the moment I start all three servers in the order gdomap - gdnc - gpbs right 
after the display manager (wdm). On the boot screen I can see the output from 
the various scripts, and see at least the beginning of my gnustep start script 
appearing _before_ switching to graphics mode. Could it be that gpbs is up and 
running way before X comes up, and that gpbs depends strongly on X? This might 
explain the behaviour.


On Tue, 23 Jul 2002 00:28:53 +0200
"AndreasHeppel" <address@hidden> wrote:

Hi Nicola and all the others,
I installed version 0.7.8 of gui and back and my system is still working :-) Unfortunately, it did not solve the gpbs problem. Thus, I started to dig around and here is what I found out so far. It seems that gpbs crashes during the pasteboard operation. The (remote) client then hangs in the RPC and is stuck. This happens if and only if I start gpbs during boot time (FYI, I use a suse 7.3 distro and hacked gnustep into suse's set of start/stop scripts.). If I do it manually from a command line everything is fine. Also, if I don't start it at all and let the client application do the work everything goes fine. I tested the thing using GNUMail.app (1.0.2). I open the preferences panel and highlight the user name using the mouse. That's all I need to reproduce this behaviour. A couple of NSLog brought me finally near the place. It is somewhere in 'declareTypes' in the NSPasteboardObject class of gpbs. I am absolutely positive that the call goes out from NSPasteboard and reaches gpbs. Somewhere in there gpbs crashes. The last idea I had was that it might have to do with X. In particular the starting order seems to be important. If I start gpbs after X is up and running I am fine. If I do it during start up of the system (somewhere near the start of X) it goes wrong. How far and how tight are X and gpbs connected? is it possible that some data structures are not initialised properly if gpbs is started to soon after X? At the moment I am too tired to dig deeper into the thing. The other problem is that if start gpbs the erroneous way I have no tty attached to gpbs where I could NSLog what is going on. Where do the logs go in this case? Or any other idea how to debug this?

Thanks for your time.

Thanks for yours :-)

Have a good night. I will.


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