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Re: Improving GNUstep support for NetBSD ELF

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: Improving GNUstep support for NetBSD ELF
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2002 11:04:07 +0100 (BST)

Hi Peter,

sorry for answering late - your NetBSD port is looking good as far as I
can read.

> The current NetBSD install instructions suggest manual installation of support
> libraries (libtiff, libjpeg, etc), and modification of system configuration
> files.  This is probably a bad long-term solution.
> A first cut at modifications of the configuration and makefile
> environments can be found in the patch file attached. It has successfully
> patched against today's CVS sources. There are still several outstanding
> issues, advice as to how to proceed would be very much appreciated.

Ok - I applied the core/make ones.
> A quick summary of the changes follows:
> core/make/target.make: 
>   update most of the netbsdelf logic for shared library and shared framework
>   linking, loosely from the freebsdelf target; add static and dynamic link
>   support for the NetBSD package library directory, /usr/pkg/lib and the
>   headers, /usr/pkg/include.

Ok - nice - I assume LIBRARIES_DEPEND_UPON should now work on NetBsd :-)
> core/make/configure.ac:
>   support NetBSD package headers and libraries, similar to the FreeBSD
>   target.

I wasn't sure why here you used FORCE_CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS rather than
CPPFLAGS and LIBS.  I changed it to use CPPFLAGS and LIBS, in the same way
as Freebsd.  If I was wrong in changing it (I didn't investigate it very
deeply) please let me/us know :-)
I commited these changes to gnustep-make.

I didn't commit yet the other changes ... I'm also not sure why all of
gnustep-base, gnustep-gui and gnustep-back need to check for
freebsd/netbsd to add the same flags.  Can't that be done in gnustep-make
for all of them ?

I'm leaving tomorrow for two weeks, so please always Cc: a mailing list in
the reply.

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