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[RFC] dev-libs/guile GDL2 support

From: David Ayers
Subject: [RFC] dev-libs/guile GDL2 support
Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2003 00:43:27 +0100
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Hello everyone,

This patch adds support for gdl2 to gnustep guile. It adds libgg_gdl2 as the basic gdl2 support library. Furthermore it adds guile-gdl2 and gdl2 tools as testing tools. It also makes some other cosmetic changes. About 99% of the patch is the regenerated configure as I've used autoconf 2.53 to generate it and the old verson was generated with 2.13

2002-02-03 David Ayers <address@hidden>

   * GNUmakefile: distclean AppKit.make and EOF.make.
   * configure.in: Added tests for EOAccess.h, EOControl.h
   and EOInterface.h.
   * config.h.in: Dito.
   * configure: Regenerated.
   * EOF.make.in: New file.

   * Library/GNUmakefile: Added include of EOF.make and libgg_gdl2.
   * Library/Makefile.pramble: Added dependancy for libgg_gdl2.
   * Library/gstep_guile.h: Added gstep_link_gdl2().
   * Library/link_gdl2.m: New file.

   * Tools/guile-gdl2.m: New file.
   * Tools/GNUmakefile: Added guile-gdl2.
   * Tools/Makefile.preamble: Added guile-gdl2 support.

   * Test/GNUmakefile: Removed excessive check in HAVE_APPKIT
   processing.  Added gdl2.
   * Test/Makefile.preamble: Added gdl2_TOOL_LIBS for gdl2.
   * Test/go.m: Added note on how to exit to startup message.
   * Test/gui.m: Added note on how to exit to startup message.
   * Test/gdl2.m: New file.

If no one objects (or a commit is requested), I'll commit this in a couple of days.

PS: A patch for dev-apps/tests/gtests is pending...

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