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Re: Recent changed in NSMenu and friends

From: Serg Stoyan
Subject: Re: Recent changed in NSMenu and friends
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 01:38:35 +0300

Hello Michael,

> Aloha,
> --- Serg Stoyan <address@hidden> wrote:
> >
> >   Give me example, please, of such miswork. I have latest CVS and
> >   everything works correct for me.
> I emailed a few days ago about how this is broken... Load up an
> application, tear off a window -- so far so good -- now go back to the
> main menu and redisplay the menu you tore off: close button on a
> transient window. This is a big usability issue, not to mention a visual
> regression from previous versions.

  You are right. Sorry for last misunderstanding.

> I just updated from CVS and this problem is still there. Not to mention
> that with some small effort you can confuse the hell out of the transient
> menu's display. Open up a bunch of windows in GSTest, close a couple,
> reopen some, and in that melee there will be a double-draw which looks
> okay on the Torn-off Windows menu but when you call up the transient it
> is completely hosed. (It almost looks like there are two competing
> titleViews and that is what is displacing the menu view... hmmm.)

  I can't still reproduce it, but I hope Willem's patch fix it.
> [It is worth noting that GSTest is not really a fair test of the Windows
> menu. There is some black magic in place within those tests which makes
> each window update itself twice in the windows menu. Look at the restart
> method in the test bundles.]
> One other small thing, our NSMenuView is -- for all intents and purposes
> -- opaque so in closeTransient in NSMenu I don't think we need to set the
> contentView as needing display: the addSubview for the menuview already
> sets the menuview as needing display, which should be enough (?).

  Hmm... You are right. Maybe Willem add this to his patch?

Serg Stoyan

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