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Re: Text drawing bug - gaps after 16th character in scaled view

From: Alexander Malmberg
Subject: Re: Text drawing bug - gaps after 16th character in scaled view
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 19:15:13 +0200

Kazunobu Kuriyama wrote:
> Sorry for interrupting your discussion.  Here is an example demonstrating
> the "oddities" that I think Pete French is talking about.
> The program 'PanelTest' is just the second demo of Nicola Pero's tutorial.
> PanelTest.xwd is the image which I had on the screen.  The system is
> ix86/linux-gnu/gnu-gnu-gnu and the backend is xlib.

Thanks! Although I can't reproduce it here with -art or -xlib, it's
clear from the screenshot that there's a bug in there somewhere.

> Although it may not exactly the same one as Pete French's, I think the
> expample is closely related to what you are discussing.

Yes, there must be a mismatch between the metrics reported by -xlib to
-gui and the actual width of the glyphs when drawn. I'm not very
familiar with -xlib's font code, but I had a quick look at it and fixed
one fairly obvious bug that would cause incorrect metrics to be reported
for non-latin1 fonts on big-endian systems. Does this apply to your
system? If so, can you check if it works with latest cvs of -back?

- Alexander Malmberg

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