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zillion DO problems again

From: Stefan Böhringer
Subject: zillion DO problems again
Date: 25 Aug 2003 09:09:17 +0200

I resend this, since I didn't see the original message come through.
Hi Richard,

after upgrading to gcc 3.3/cvs as of beginning of week several things
went better. E.g. the gworkspace finder would no longer crash.
Unfortunately I still have DO problems. Attached is a version of zillion
that exhibits the problems but should not differ in the relevant parts
from versions I sent earlier.
The problem is now that DO method calls take very long time at some
points to come through.

If you use the usual setting:
make debug=yes; Terminal 1: ./shared_debug_obj/zillion; Terminal 2:
./shared_debug_obj/zillionClient; Terminal 3:
./shared_debug_obj/zillionLoader simpleZillionJob.bundle

the client (terminal 2) will hang after printing:
2003-08-21 14:23:27.355 zillionClient[23001] Ticks spent executing job 4
2003-08-21 14:23:27.372 zillionClient[23001] 80fd788

This is in -jobUnitDidEndForJobId:seed:(ZillionClient) just before a DO
call to decreaseLoad. After some minutes (say 10) the line

2003-08-21 14:33:27.387 zillionClient[22996] decrease load being called

is being printed, indicating that the method was indeed called after
that delay. From that point on all DO methods seem to take that amount
of time to come through. Can you reproduce this bug?

Thanks, best wishes,


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