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[bug #4008] Recursive lock exception when using DO

From: nobody
Subject: [bug #4008] Recursive lock exception when using DO
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 08:45:45 -0500
User-agent: Mozilla/4.74 [en] (X11; U; Linux 2.0.36 i686)

=================== BUG #4008: LATEST MODIFICATIONS ==================

Changes by: Alexander Malmberg <address@hidden>
Date: Tue 11/25/2003 at 14:45 (Europe/Stockholm)

            What     | Removed                   | Added
         Assigned to | None                      | alexm
              Status | In Test                   | Closed

------------------ Additional Follow-up Comments ----------------------------
No occurrences since the fix. If it had been there, Ian would have triggered it 
by now. :-) Closing.

=================== BUG #4008: FULL BUG SNAPSHOT ===================

Submitted by: None                    Project: GNUstep                      
Submitted on: Tue 06/17/2003 at 18:34
Category:  Base/Foundation            Severity:  5 - Major                  
Bug Group:  Bug                       Resolution:  Fixed                    
Assigned to:  alexm                   Status:  Closed                       

Summary:  Recursive lock exception when using DO

Original Submission:  This can be reproduced by running gnumail, having it 
automatically collect from both an IMAP account and from a pop account. I set 
them both to autocheck mail every 1 minute, and within a short time I get the 
lock exeption.

(gdb) bt

#0  _i_NSException__raise (self=0x848e110, _cmd=0x40589690)

    at NSException.m:233

#1  0x40481e7e in _c_NSException__raise_format_arguments_ (self=0x40589600, 

    _cmd=0x40589678, name=0x4058dffc, format=0x4058e044, argList=0xbfffe3b0)

    at NSException.m:196

#2  0x40481dde in _c_NSException__raise_format_ (self=0x40589600, 

    _cmd=0x4058de70, name=0x4058dffc, format=0x4058e044) at NSException.m:177

#3  0x40494cf7 in _i_NSLock__lock (self=0x872e250, _cmd=0x40581ad0)

    at NSLock.m:189

#4  0x4045cf44 in _i_NSConnection_Private_addLocalObject_ (self=0x85b57c8, 

    _cmd=0x40588230, anObj=0x84a8d38) at NSConnection.m:3015

#5  0x4047e5e7 in _i_NSDistantObject__initWithLocal_connection_ (

    self=0x84a8d38, _cmd=0x40587f48, anObject=0x19, aConnection=0x85b57c8)

    at NSDistantObject.m:717

#6  0x4047d049 in _c_GSDistantObjectPlaceHolder__initWithLocal_connection_ (

    self=0x40587dc0, _cmd=0x40587f98, anObject=0x19, aConnection=0x85b57c8)

    at NSDistantObject.m:306

#7  0x4047d364 in _c_NSDistantObject__proxyWithLocal_connection_ (

    self=0x40587be0, _cmd=0x40581be0, anObject=0x19, aConnection=0x85b57c8)

    at NSDistantObject.m:359

#8  0x4045de9e in _i_NSConnection_Private_locateLocalTarget_ (self=0x85b57c8, 

    _cmd=0x40587e40, target=391) at NSConnection.m:3245

#9  0x4047c924 in _c_GSDistantObjectPlaceHolder__initWithCoder_ (    
self=0x40587dc0, _cmd=0x40594808, aCoder=0x8745c30)

    at NSDistantObject.m:159

#10 0x404b375f in _i_NSPortCoder__decodeValueOfObjCType_at_ (self=0x8745c30, 

    _cmd=0x4057f570, type=0x4053eb2c "@", address=0xbfffe9a8)

    at NSPortCoder.m:558

#11 0x40450bea in _i_NSCoder__decodeObject (self=0x8745c30, _cmd=0x40581588)

    at NSCoder.m:213

#12 0x40459d6d in callDecoder (ctxt=0xbfffecb0) at NSConnection.m:2300

#13 0x403f2c4c in callframe_do_call (ctxt=0xbfffecb0, 

    decoder=0x40459cd0 <callDecoder>, encoder=0x40459dc0 <callEncoder>)

    at callframe.m:261

#14 0x4045a194 in _i_NSConnection_Private__service_forwardForProxy_ (

    self=0x85b57c8, _cmd=0x405814d0, aRmc=0x8745c30) at NSConnection.m:2405

#15 0x40459546 in _i_NSConnection_Private_handlePortMessage_ (self=0x85b57c8, 

    _cmd=0x40593a30, msg=0x86a0058) at NSConnection.m:2178

#16 0x404b0c74 in _i_GSTcpPort__handlePortMessage_ (self=0x8621278, 

    _cmd=0x40593680, m=0x86a0058) at GSTcpPort.m:1820

#17 0x404ae6ea in _i_GSTcpHandle__receivedEvent_type_extra_forMode_ (

    self=0x850d548, _cmd=0x40593b08, data=0x8621278, type=ET_RPORT, 

    extra=0x13, mode=0x405982f4) at GSTcpPort.m:1069

#18 0x404b118c in _i_GSTcpPort__receivedEvent_type_extra_forMode_ (

    self=0x8621278, _cmd=0x40597fd0, data=0x8621278, type=ET_RPORT, 

    extra=0x13, mode=0x405982f4) at GSTcpPort.m:1971

#19 0x404c2f6c in _i_GSRunLoopCtxt__pollUntil_within_ (self=0x825be90, 

    _cmd=0x40598180, milliseconds=113, contexts=0x8258f30) at NSRunLoop.m:837

#20 0x404c5b27 in _i_NSRunLoop__acceptInputForMode_beforeDate_ (

    self=0x82587a0, _cmd=0x405981f8, mode=0x405982f4, limit_date=0x84a1cf8)

    at NSRunLoop.m:2017

#21 0x404c6203 in _i_NSRunLoop__runMode_beforeDate_ (self=0x82587a0, 

    _cmd=0x403683b0, mode=0x405982f4, date=0x825ce80) at NSRunLoop.m:2098

#22 0x4027c130 in 
(self=0x8276560, _cmd=0x4093a450, mask=4294967295, 

    limit=0x825ce80, mode=0x405982f4, flag=1 '

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