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Re: PATCH: NSPathUtilities etc

From: stefan
Subject: Re: PATCH: NSPathUtilities etc
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 13:57:13 +0100
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Citát Alexander Malmberg <address@hidden>:

> Sheldon Gill wrote:
> > > Some more comments on NSPathUtilities.m. I think I'd be ready to commit
> > > this after addressing these comments.
> It's late, and I haven't had time to look at the patches in detail yet,
> but I'm still not really happy about the general idea. A configuration
> file in /etc does make sense, though, if you're running on a "normal"
> un*x system, so for those cases, I guess it's ok.
> (Would be nice if the configuration system was easily pluggable, so that
> "unnormal" unix-like systems could have GNUstep configure itself in some
> convenient way (eg. LinuxSTEP or GNUstep on Darwin), but that can come
> later.)

Hey, we are OO people here, aren't we? :-) We can have pluggable configuration
system by ourselves:

@interface NSSystemConfiguration
+ localConfiguration;
- temporaryDirectoryPath;
- userHomeDirectoryPath;
- someSystemDependetVariable;

And then have NSWindowsConfiguration, NSPOSIXConfiguration, NSOSXConfiguration
subclass variants. Only these subclassees should muckle with configuration
files (some can have writing methods in addition, for example), rest of the
GNUstep libs should use NSSystemConfiguration class and nothing else.

<rest snipped>

Stefan Urbanek

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