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Re: [PATCH] Proposal to fix NSCell issue

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Proposal to fix NSCell issue
Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2004 01:17:38 +0200
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Quentin Mathé wrote:
Le 1 avr. 04, à 01:40, Fred Kiefer a écrit :

Sorry, as I wrote, I was not sure. After your mail I checked and it is there on NSButton and NSButtonCell at least in my OpenStep specification (October 19, 1994, not sure if there are different versions). As this issue is becoming a bit strange now, would you mind to state explicitly what you and Alexander are aiming at? My position is rather clear: Trying to improve our actual implementation, while keeping an interface that is compliant to OpenStep as well as to Cocoa. Which is fairly easy in this specific case, as the two are not conflicting. I hope, that you are with me here and we just keep this method and apply the rest of the patch.

(a bit confused)

Don't be confused :-). The problem is the following, Apple has added -performClick: to NSCell but this is impossible to implement without large modifications on NSMatrix for example (see my first set of patches) and moreover it doesn't fit very well with the NSCell philosophy : when you ask something to a cell you should pass a frame and a view for the display with the method arguments. Then Alex and me have thought it would better to deprecate NSCell -performClick: method in favor of a more NSCellish method like performClickWithFrame:inView: which follows the NSCell philosophy like drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:.

Now you are saying -performClick: method for NSButtonCell is part of the OpenStep specification. Then I agree now to not remove this method in NSButtonCell and NSCell also to stay compatible with Apple and OpenStep spec. I think we should just deprecate such method for the moment, but I still think also that -performClick in NSCell (like Apple) or in NSButtonCell (like OpenStep spec.) is a design error.

You must know also that with my proposed set of patches NSCell NSButtonCell will still be unusable inside an NSMatrix with the method -performClick. Here I reassert this is the reason to deprecate it in favor of performClickWithFrame:inView:

I hope I have been clearer than the light ;-).

Sad enough your mail did not clear up things. The technical issue is clear to me. That was why I, and not you together with Alexander, suggested to use the -performClickWithFrame:inView: interface borrowed from NSPopupButtonCell. And using this method inside of NSMatrix implementation of -performClick: should fix your problems, without needing to deprecate -performClick:. And that was puzzling me, why do you want to deprecate a method that has is valid usages and is part of two standards, just because there are cases, where it better is not used? And I am still surprised that you stated in the previous mail, -performClick: was not in OpenStep and in this mail write, I am saying it is. This is something rather easy to decide. It either is in the standard or it is not. Without me saying so. As far as I remember, I was only making technical comments on your different patch versions in the mailing list and would have sticked to that, if Alexander wouldn't have started to harass the poor little -performClick: method. Here I steped in and from than on things went strange. And I now want to know why.

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