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NSPathUtilities Patch - TOC

From: Sheldon Gill
Subject: NSPathUtilities Patch - TOC
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 12:58:28 +0800
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In order for reviewers to more easily digest the changes in my pathclean patch 
I've separated things into stages. Each stage does, to some
degree, depend on those previous. Can't be helped.

The stages are:

1) nspathutilities.m in base/Testing
    exercises the routines

2) Win32Support
     master module which initialises/finalises all the Win32 support modules
     utility functions to provide support under Win32

     This provides a structure for adding better Win32 support in a
     neat way. It will make existing code simpler, neater and easier to

3) NSUser.m
    becomes empty now
    later goes to Additions to provide a class wrapper for user login info
4) NSPathUtilities.h
    more in line with MacOS X, provision for adding more GS directory keys
     without conflict. Existing applications will need to be re-compiled.
    Adds GSFindNamedFile() declaration
    Removes GSSystemRootDirectory() and GSStandardPathPrefixes()

5) NSPathUtilities.m
     new implementation which features:
       cleaner/simpler code
       support for GNUstep.conf, removing the dependencancy on GNUstep.sh
       fixes to various routines
     Adds GSFindNamedFile() implementation
     GSDefaultsRootForUser() now returns complete path

6) NSUserDefaults
     Simplified locating defaults database path
     Removed superfluous behaviours

7) NSBundle patch
     Properly searches all domains for *.framework in Library/Frameworks
     shows how GSFindNamedFile can simplify resource location
     More simplification is possible here but not yet done.

8) Temporary directory handling
     Per user secure temporary directories are best handled per platform
     as part of the login sequence or when users are created.

Attached are the changelog entries and the required modifications to the 
base/Source GNUmakefile to use the new files.


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