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Always the same data with [NSURL loadResourceDataNotifyingClient:usingCa

From: Philip Mötteli
Subject: Always the same data with [NSURL loadResourceDataNotifyingClient:usingCache:NO]
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 15:59:37 +0200


I always get the same data, when doing:

- (void)fetch
        [anURL loadResourceDataNotifyingClient:self usingCache:NO];

- (void)URLResourceDidFinishLoading:(NSURL *)anURL
        NSLog([[anURL resourceDataUsingCache:YES] asciiStringValue]]);

I mean, as I understood the documentation, when calling -loadResourceDataNotifyingClient:usingCache:NO, with NO as the cache flag, it should load the data in the background and put it into its cache. So that when -URLResourceDidFinishLoading: is called, one can retrieve, what has been loaded by calling -resourceDataUsingCache:YES. (How could one retrieve, what has been loaded otherwise?) But I always get the same data and I think, I know why: In GSHTTPURLHandle.m:283, the URL-handle is not put into the cache, because 'usingCache' is NO. But using the cache and filling the cache is not the same, but seems to me as if treated the same way here.
I have removed this condition and it works at my place.


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