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Re: [bugs #5686] gnustep-base won't build on Darwin/x86

From: David Ayers
Subject: Re: [bugs #5686] gnustep-base won't build on Darwin/x86
Date: Sat, 15 May 2004 10:18:44 +0200
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Adam Fedor wrote:
------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sat
05/15/04 at 03:50         By: fedor Closed for lack of information.

------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu
10/02/03 at 08:49         By: ayers Currently gnustep-base should
build the additions library automatically for non *-gnu-*
configurations (see config.mak(.in))  But if you configured
gnustep-make with "--with-library-combo=gnu-gnu-gnu" that shouldn't
happen. What does you environment variable: echo $LIBRARY_COMBO contain before configuring gnuste-base? Did you 'source' the /usr/GNUstep/System/Makefiles/GNUstep.[sh/csh] file after installing

------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu
10/02/03 at 04:44         By: waldmire I am simply trying to build
the four core parts of GNUstep.  I got through gnustep-make fine, but
gnustep-base gave me an error after running "./configure" and "make".
The output I pasted first is from "make".

How do I go about making a full base library?  I built and configured
gnustep-make with "--with-library-combo=gnu-gnu-gnu." Is this what
you are talking about?

------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu
10/02/03 at 04:10         By: fedor It would be helpful if you gave
some more information about what you are doing. It appears you are
just making the Additions library part of GNUstep base. This will
only work on systems that already have a Foundation library (like
MacOS X).  On Darwin you need to make the full base library. If this
isn't your problem, please give the output with 'messages=yes' set:

make messages=yes

See also http://www.gnu.org/software/gnustep/information/machines_1.html#SEC2


This has to do with the default behavior configure in -make where we have:

if test "$ac_cv_library_combo" = ""; then
  case "$host_os" in
    darwin*)   ac_cv_library_combo=apple-apple-apple ;;
    nextstep4) ac_cv_library_combo=nx-nx-nx          ;;
    openstep4) ac_cv_library_combo=nx-nx-nx          ;;
    *)         ac_cv_library_combo=gnu-gnu-gnu       ;;

So all non OS X Darwin platforms effectively have to be configured with --with-library-combo=gnu-gnu-gnu (once the gnu runtime is installed). All of this is explained in the reference the reference above.

BUT ...

... understand that once you've installed the gnu runtime (if you install it in the default location), you will may have issues with the apple runtime. (i.e. when building apple runtime based ObjC code wrt which headers are found when you #include <objc/objc.h> and which library is linked when you use -lobjc.)

I'm working on a explanation for our Darwin documentation in response to a related thread. But I may need some help from someone daring enough who actually has Darwin / OS X to verify/test some of it, once it's done, esp. wrt XCode.


PS: You can also find related information here:

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