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[bugs #9169] libgnustep-base 1.7.2 dies due to mprotect() call

From: anonymous
Subject: [bugs #9169] libgnustep-base 1.7.2 dies due to mprotect() call
Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 19:25:12 -0400
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[bugs #9169] Full Item Snapshot:

URL: <http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?func=detailitem&item_id=9169>
Project: GNUstep
Submitted by: 0
On: Sun 05/30/2004 at 19:21

Category:  Libraries
Severity:  5 - Average
Item Group:  Bug
Resolution:  None
Assigned to:  None
Status:  Open

Summary:  libgnustep-base 1.7.2 dies due to mprotect() call

Original Submission:  I'm trying to use the NSObject base class and whenever I 
do, programs I compile die because of the error:

trampoline: cannot make memory executable

I've checked each and every library that my hello world program is linked to, 
and only libgnustep-base.so.1 contains the 'cannot make memory executable' 

address@hidden tests $ grep -iHnr --mmap "cannot make memory executable" 
Binary file /usr/GNUstep/System/Library/Libraries/libgnustep-base.so.1 matches

The issue here is that I'm using a certain security system, called PaX, which 
deals executable space protection.  In this case, it is one of the systems that 
prevents code injection which is killing it:  mprotect() restrictions.

Under PaX' mprotect() policy, no pages may become executable; they must always 
be created with PROT_EXEC and *not* PROT_WRITE (i.e. when a shared object is 
mapped in), or without PROT_EXEC (i.e. malloc()ed ram or mmap()ed anonymous 
memory, or read/write disk mappings).  Pages may lose PROT_EXEC if you so 

PaX appears to not be able to catch the trampolining being done with its 
trampoline emulation.  Although this can be 'fixed' on the PaX side, trampoline 
emulation is off by default for security reasons; and so far this is the only 
time I've actually had to enable it on anything.  Both the issue of PaX not 
catching the trampoline, and the issue of libgnustep-base having a trampoline 
need to be addressed.

Please deal with this issue at your leisure; however, I would appreciate it if 
you did not simply let it rot.  For now I can work around it, but this is in no 
way proper.

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