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[bug #22694] NSClipView is not calling adjustScroll:

From: Benhur Stein
Subject: [bug #22694] NSClipView is not calling adjustScroll:
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2008 02:25:29 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #4, bug #22694 (project gnustep):

Well, it seems that macosx does no magic...

So, my suggestion is to implement a hidden method, 
say _scrollToPoint: in NSClipView as this:

- (void) _scrollToPoint: (NSPoint)aPoint
  NSRect proposedBounds;
  NSRect proposedVisibleRect;
  NSRect newVisibleRect;
  NSRect newBounds;

  // give documentView a chance to adjust its visible rectangle
  proposedBounds = _bounds;
  proposedBounds.origin = aPoint;
  proposedVisibleRect = [self convertRect: proposedBounds 
                                   toView: _documentView];
  newVisibleRect = [_documentView adjustScroll: proposedVisibleRect];
  newBounds = [self convertRect: newVisibleRect fromView: _documentView];

  [self scrollToPoint:newBounds.origin];

and change calls to scrollToPoint: inside NSClipView and
NSScrollView (except the last one, that changes the header
clip view) to calls to this new method.

I tested it, and it works fine. (or at least seems to)


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